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Wine in Macedonia

Macedonia constitutes the northernmost and largest geographic unit of Greece. Vine cultivation and the production and consumption of wine in the region has a long history, and today the wine industry continues to flourish.

Western Macedonia is a predominantly mountainous region, whereas in central Macedonia lies the biggest plain of Greece. Eastern Macedonia is mostly flat. The plains and mountainous regions are crossed by several of the biggest Greek rivers. There is also an ample number of lakes. The climate in Macedonia is quite different from the rest of Greece with temperatures ranges much wider than the average variation within the Greek territory. Coastal regions, especially Chalkidiki, have a considerably milder climate with Mediterranean characteristics. It is in such regions, as well as regions with year-round sunshine and protected from northern winds, that most vine cultivations and wineries are located.

Greek vineyards lie between 34 and 42 degrees latitude, which positions them amongst the world’s hotter wine-producing regions. Inland and mountainous areas are subject to continental influences of varying degrees, but generally the climate is maritime.

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