Wine today

Macedonia is different in many ways from the other wine regions of Greece. Despite its proximity to the northern Aegean, a distinct set of microclimates and geological environments give the land – and its wines – an unparalleled continental flavor. The topography, though widely varied, is more Balkan than Aegean. Even along the coast, the sandy softness of the land is in contrast to the rugged coastlines of southern Greece and most of the islands.

Scenes of vine cultivation

Mountainous western Macedonia has a distinct alpine feel in various places. Rolling hills and flat plains in the north and central areas are a soothing respite from the drama of southern Greece. Although winemaking was never dealt a death-blow, phylloxera in the early 1900s, the Balkan wars of 1912-13 and the Second World War took a further toll on wine production in Naoussa and other parts of Macedonia.