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Papasotiriou, Christina: What Is "Technology"? Views of the Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum - Views of the Visiting Students, MA 2002

75 pages
Annex: a) 75 questionnaires b) 88 questionnaires

The question put forward by the above thesis is the following: "what is the relation between the images of technology projected by the relevant museum (Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum) and the images of technology projected by the students visiting the museum". The analysis of the specific question is moving on two axes: a) images of technology projected by exhibitors b) images by students visiting the museum. The study focused on the texts accompanying the exhibits of the Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum and 114 children of the Third Grade High School from the Prefecture of Thessaloniki (15th High School of Thessaloniki, Pefka High School, Kalochori High School). The students answered the author's questions 3 months after their visit to the museum.

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Tsesmetzi-Maragaki, Dimitra: The Educational History of a Town and a Region. The Structure of the School Network of Municipal Education in the Prefecture of Serres (1950-1990), PhD 1998

Volume A 208, Volume B 208-448 pages
Annex: a) Elementary Schools of the Serres Prefecture 1950-1990, Province of Serres, Visaltia, Sintiki, Phyllida; b) Curricula of elementary schools 1913-1990; c) Elementary schools of educational regions of Serres Prefecture 1927/9-1936/7

The present thesis is structured in two parts. The first part examines the school network in Greece since 1834 and the establishment of the Greek state. We follow the special profile of elementary schools covering the educational needs in various regions of the country, the legal regularions shaping this profile, and the attitude of the residents toward the schools. Then, there is a statistical approach to the school network and its spatial distribution from the beginning of the century to 1985/6, when we have the last Statistical Yearbook of Education. The second part of the dissertation covers the period 1950 to 1990 through an overview of the development of the school network in the Prefecture of Serres.

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Liampas, Anastasios: Forms of Funds Distribution in Education and Social Exclusion.
The Case of Elementary Schools in the Central, Eastern and Western Zone of Thessaloniki during the Period 1974-1986
, PhD 2001

402 pages

The present study is divided into five chapters. The first chapter refers to the birth of the concept of social exclusion and its versions, while the following chapter approach the position of the state as a factor of social justice with special emphasis on the issue of equal opportunities in education. Later, the thesis focuses on the funds available for education and its quality. The fourth chapter refers to the way the study was conducted, the data collected, and there is a reference to the Greek and foreign literature used. The fifth and last chapter presents the general conclusions of the study.

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