Unpublished Academic Literature

from the School of Pre-School Education of the Faculty of Education

of the

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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Tsioumi, Zafeiria: Social and Cultural Activities of Private Bodies in Thessaloniki, PhD 2004

162 pages

The thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter presents a brief overview of the historic development of social services provided by private bodies. It examines the evolution of the instituttion from antiquity to the present, and provides information about the current situation, which has led to the establishment of organizations for the promotion of sponsorships at a national and European level. The second chapter deals with the objectives of thes study and refers to the methodology used. The study was carried out in the region of Thessaloniki, in a total of thirty sponsors. The last part gives the results of the study. Based on the discussion of the issue, the thesis realizes that the target-question of the study is largely, but not absolutely, confirmed.

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Chatzistavrou, Zoe: The Intellectual and Artistic Life of Thessaloniki in the Decade 1950-1960, PhD 2002

278 pages

The present study aims at approaching the cultural profile of the city during the period 1950-1960 through the artistic life of the period. The study draws its information from the references of the press on the artistic events of the period. These events are related, in the order they are presented in the chapters, to music, theatre, visual arts, and literature. New forms of art, such as film, are not mentioned at all. All chapters follow the same structure. The events are not developed on a chronological axis indiscriminately, but special theme subsections are created within which these events are incorporated in chronological order. Finally, the information material of the study was supplemented with some interviews from important figures of the city. Moreover, the specific literature of the various arts is used but to a limited extend, because the study aims at presenting the stylistic particularity of each creator and not an overall assessment of his/her work.

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Mitsopoulou, Aphrodite: State and Educational Policy for the Slav-Speaking Population of Macedonia in the Period 1952-1963, MA 2003

113 pages

The thesis is divided into three chapters. The first chapter gives an overview of the political and military events and the government manipulations of the period 1912-1949 regarding the existence of Slav-speaking populations in Macedonia. There is special emphasis on the civil war period. This is followed by a discussion of the rise and fall of the right-wing governments of the period 1952-1963, the position of these governments toward the specific issue, the passing and implementation of legislative measures, the signing of agreements with Yugoslavia and the role of the press and the Greek political parties in the events. Finally, there is a brief discussion of the issue from 1963 to the fall of the junta regime in 1974.

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Papantoniou-Simota, Foteini: The Birth of a Painter in Macedonia. The Case of George Paralis, MA 1992

490 pages
Annex: 466 photographs

The thesis opens with some biographical information on the painter, followed by a brief presentation of the works of each period with all the main characteristics and problems each period presents. Then, there is a presentation of the artistic environment within which the works were created. The largest part of each chapter is devoted to the detailed presentation of the painter's works, both in chronological order and per type. At the end of the study, some conclusions are drawn to show the relation of the painter's works with contemporary works of other artists, developments compared to the previous period, and the position of these works in the painting of the period. Each chapter closes with a general overview of the period.

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