A name combining geography and … developments

(“Eleftherotypia”, 13 November, 2001)

According to a description given by a Foreign Ministry spokesperson yesterday, the government insists that the name for Skopje (FYROM) should be a composite name, which will take into consideration the geographical facts of the area, as well as international and regional developments.

The unresolved issue has come to the fore again as it will be the subject of discussions the Foreign Minister George Papandreou is to have with the US Undersecretary of State Mr. Grossman and his counterpart from Skopje, in the periphery of the UN General Assembly in New York.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman Mr. P. Beglitis announced yesterday that the government’s efforts concerning the ultimate name of Skopje (FYROM) are taking place at bilateral talks within the context of the UNO. Its position on the question of a composite name “is a clear, realistic statement of the Greek approach, always making allowances for international and regional developments”.

He added that political parties in Greece have been aware of the government’s position throughout the negotiations. It is already known that the Greek government has reached the conclusion that the name “Northern Macedonia” is the most realistic one.

Mr. Beglitis went on to say that it now depended on the government of Skopje (FYROM) adopting a realistic stance on the issue.

He added, however, that the Greek government has no intention of agreeing to the Skopje (FYROM) government’s demand for recognition of two names or for international recognition of its constitutional name.


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