Where is the UN?


(“Eleftherotypia”, June 11, 2001)

Day after day, Albanian rebel activity makes the situation in FYROM more and more desperate […]

It is obvious that what is taking place and unfolding in FYROM is not a problem of domestic proportions, but one incubating the danger of a more widespread flare-up in the region.

With these facts in mind, one may well ask what the Skopje government is doing. And even more to the point, what the European Union, OSCE, NATO and those foreign powers involved in one way or another are doing. One may well be bewildered by the non-involvement of the UN in such a serious crisis […]

It is truly a "Macedonian salad"; a turmoil springing from the dismemberment of Yugoslavia without forethought having been given to how things would evolve. It is a fact that instead of solving the problem, foreign intervention has exacerbated it, so it is now completely beyond control.

Problems of this sort cannot be solved by war and military intervention, as proven in Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere. The only solution is political discussion, backed by the UN alone, without the involvement of other parties who have only their own interests in mind.

The NATO offensive in Kosovo and Yugoslavia in total disregard of the UN, let loose a whirlwind. Until the Americans, NATO, and Europeans alike realize that it is not they, but the UN alone that represents the international community, the situation can only get worse.

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