The Curious Mr Frowick

by Yannis Kartalis

(“Vima”, May 27, 2001)

Unilateral action on the part of a questionable American diplomat threatens to dynamite the fragile balance achieved a few days ago in Skopje with the formation of the government of national unity. If this action really did have the backing of Washington, then huge problems are created, as the main aim seems to be the creation of Greater Albania, and the likelihood of general destabilization in the area increases.

But the action of one American diplomat, Mr Robert Frowick, goes to prove that there are still people in the State Department who stick to the old way of thinking. A very dangerous state of affairs as it leads to the application of policies other than those officially declared, thereby undermining every effort made by the genuine authorities and governments. This is the reason why such action has been condemned by the General Secretary of NATO and the EE.

It was not chance that the diplomatic chaos which the American diplomat’s intervention caused coincided with the fiercest fighting which has taken place so far between FYROM military forces and UCK guerillas.

What needs to be realized is that there is no room for talks with the guerillas, the only course left to them is to surrender their arms and move out of the areas they control. Americans and Europeans are in agreement on this policy, as they have realized, even at this late juncture, that the encouragement they had given the Albanian nationalists had resulted in things getting out of control. The possibility of a minority group in this volatile area of the Balkans being in a position to use force to dictate alterations in borders, and there being a power to lend them its support, must be ruled out once and for all.


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