The New Opportunity for the Name

by Nikos Marakis

(“Vima”, May 6, 2001)

Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia would both benefit if the question of the name were settled now. Athens could achieve a most favourable compromise and Skopje could secure the complete international recognition of its legality. This idea is maturing at a comparatively fast pace in both capitals, at a political as well as diplomatic level. The main difficulty lies in the political inhibitions which are still present in Athens. However, now that the international community is pressing for a revision of the Preamble to the Constitution of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (which has traditionally been one of the greatest obstacles to a final solution) an opportunity arises for modifications which would allow for speedy progress and the completion of processes which at present seem doomed to fail even though all the elements of a solution are there on the negotiating table.


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