No war and no peace…

by Traianos Hatzidimitriou

(“Makedonia”, March 18, 2001)

[…] Thessaloniki is right to strive and to hope for peace; Greece has everything to gain from peace. But as long as there is turbulence and the risk that the Huntingdon and domino theories may continue to apply, then development and the investments that are so necessary for this region will be postponed, and the entrenchment of democratic institutions and a policy of open doors, good neighbourship and implementation of the perception that minorities can and should act as bridges between different states rather than separating them, will remain as merely delightful utopian ideas, outside any everyday reality. The impact of this state of no war and no peace may be catalytic: it may lead to the freezing of a series of necessary initiatives on the part of both individuals and the governments of the region. The elaboration and consummation of a national strategy, with plans of action for all possible scenarios, is far more than merely necessary or useful.


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