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Address: Krinides, Kavala prefecture, Macedonia, Greece
Opening Hours: Temporarily closed for restorations
Phone No: (++30) 2510 516251


The Archaeological Museum of Philippi has been open since 1961, displaying finds from the prehistoric setlement at Dikili Tash and the Hellenistic, Roman, and Early Christian city of Philippi.

The most important exhibits are the head of a figurine (5000–3000 bc), a handmade pot with painted decoration (4000–3000 bc)—both from Dikili Tash—a fragment of a decree of Alexander the Great fixing the boundaries of the city of Philippi’s agricultural area, a grave stela of Kleomoiris (4th cent. bc), a marble portrait bust of Leucius Caesar, adopted son of Augustus, a relief Hero Horseman of the Roman period, a closure slab from Baslica A, and a grave inscription of the Early Christian period.

View from a distance
View from a distance

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