A Greek Name in Modern Usage

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Macedonia in the Greek economy

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For the Greek business world, Macedonia had and continues to have a dual nature. In the first place, as an administrative region, it has been the seat of their activities. Yet it is more than that. The name ‘Macedonia’ and its derivative adjectives are the name of origin of their products, with which they have become established in the Greek or international market. At least 50 businesses are named ‘Macedonia’ and over 200 define themselves as ‘Macedonian’, as emerged from impromptu research mainly in the Thessaloniki area. A further thirty have chosen the names of Phillip and Alexander, the kings of Macedonia, and a few more have in recent years chosen that of Vergina, site of the Macedonian royal tombs. Many more have included the Macedonian sun, or the figures of Alexander and Phillip, in their trademark. In the economy sector, it is clear that symbolisms are neither complex nor numerous. Yet it is obvious that all these businesses have always been sure that those symbols, whether as pictorial representations or as defining epithets, clearly refer the purchasers or consumers of their services to Greek Macedonia.

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