A Greek Name in Modern Usage

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Macedonia in Social Life Organisation

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It would be impossible to list all the organisations, associations and trade unions founded in Greek Macedonia from 1914 onwards. Almost all of them took something from the Macedonian cultural heritage. All of the workers‘ trade union organisations in the broader public sector distinguish themselves from their counterparts in other areas of Greece by means of the geographical designation ‘of Macedonia’. Most professional associations and guilds define themselves in the same manner, ranging from industrialists to skilled labourers. Their associations are ‘Macedonian’. The various social and sports organisations are closer linked to the cultural weighting of the term ‘Macedonia’. It is interesting to note that recently a Greek sports club (‘Makedhonikos’ of Kozani, founded in the Interwar period) participated in European basketball championship. Besides, in this sphere there is more pride and localism. Some include the word as a symbol in the nominative case, while others contain in their name symbols such as Alexander or Phillip or even Pavlos Melas, the most romantic figure in the Greek armed struggle for Macedonia. There is also a large group of associations whose members define themselves as ‘Macedonians’, or their entire organisation as ‘Macedonian’. The inventory includes, on an indicative basis, 450 such names demonstrating the thematic and geographic span of the use of the terms, in almost every village that has social organisation on some level.

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