Athens-Skopje: An Uneasy Symbiosis, 1995-2002

The Editors of Macedonian Heritage ( are pleased to provide our visitors the full text of the English translation of the best-selling book, Aθήνα - Σκόπια: Η Επτάχρονη Συμβίωση, 1995-2002, [Athens-Skopje: An Uneasy Symbiosis, 1995-2002], published in Greek by Papazisis Publishers, Athens, in December 2003. This 422 page volume, edited by Evangelos Kofos and Vlasis Vlasidis, was sponsored by the Research Centre for Macedonian History and Documentation at the Museum for the Macedonian Struggle in Thessaloniki. Its seven essays, written by specialist Greek scholars, touch on almost all aspects of bilateral relations between the two neighbouring countries during their seven-year interim accord signed in New York in September, 1995.

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Contents of the Book

  • Foreword (by Evangelos Kofos and Vlasis Vlasidis) and Introduction (by Evangelos Kofos)
    [Download pdf file (46 KB)]
  • The Interim Accord: Prospects and Developments in accordance with International Law
    by Nikos Zaikos [Download pdf file (109 KB)]
  • Bilateral Relations between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
    by Haralambos Kondonis [Download pdf file (105 KB)]
  • The Effects of the Interim Accord on the Economic Relations betwee Greece and FYROM
    by Christos Nikas [Download pdf file (124 KB)]
  • The Unresolved “Difference over the Name”: The Greek perspective
    by Evangelos Kofos [Download pdf file (312 KB)]
  • The Name Dispute in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia after the Signing of the Interim Accord
    by Aristotle Tziampiris [Download pdf file (94 KB)]
  • We and the Others: Greece’s Image in FYROM’s Press and Education System (1995-2002)
    by Vlasis Vlasidis [Download pdf file (226 KB)]
  • Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: The role of Civil Society
    by Despoina Syrri [Download pdf file (105 KB)]
  • Biographical Notes of Authors and Index [Download pdf file (59 KB)]

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