The History of Macedonia

Edited by Ioannis Koliopoulos

[Edition auf Deutch]

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Contents of the Book

  • Cover and Table of Contents [pdf file]
  • Prehistoric Macedonia by Kostas Kotsakis [pdf file]
  • Macedonia in the Classical and Hellenistic Periods by Ilias K. Sverkos [pdf file]
  • Roman Macedonia (168 BC - AD 284) by Pandelis Nigdelis [pdf file]
  • Byzantine Macedonia (324 - 1025) by Theodoros Korres [pdf file]
  • Macedonia from 1025 to 1430 by Alkmini Stavridou-Zafraka [pdf file]
  • Ottoman Macedonia (late 14th - late 17th century) by Phokion Kotzageorgis [pdf file]
  • Macedonia from the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century to the Foundation of the Hellenic State by I. K. Hassiotis [pdf file]
  • The shaping of the new Macedonia (1798 - 1870) by Ioannis Koliopoulos [pdf file]
  • National Claims, Conflicts and Developments in Macedonia, 1870-1912 by Basil C. Gounaris [pdf file]
  • The Historiography and Cartography of the Macedonian Question by Basil C. Gounaris [pdf file]
  • Macedonia, 1912-1923: From the Multinational Empire to Nation State by Loukianos Ι. Hassiotis [pdf file]
  • The Statistical Battle for the Population of Greek Macedonia by Iakovos D. Michailidis [pdf file]
  • The Birth of “Macedonianism” in the Interwar Period by Spyros Sfetas [pdf file]
  • Macedonia in the Maelstrom of World War II by Ioannis Koliopoulos [pdf file]
  • Macedonia: between two worlds (1945 - 1949) by Ioannis Koliopoulos [pdf file]
  • Macedonia and the Great Powers by Vlasis Vlasidis [pdf file]
  • Population Shifts in Contemporary Greek Macedonia by Iakovos D. Michailidis [pdf file]
  • Emigration From Macedonia by Christos Mandatzis [pdf file]
  • The European Union and the Macedonian Question by Aristotelis Tziampiris [pdf file]

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