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Thessaloniki from the 18th to the 20th century

Thessaloniki in the First World War
Vardaris Square at Thessaloniki
The cityscape of Thessaloniki
Travelling in Thessaloniki with N. G. Pentzikis
The inhabitants of Thessaloniki
Professions and trades
The Jews of Thessaloniki
The refugees in Thessaloniki
Entertainment in Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki in the Balkan Wars
The fire of 1917 in Thessaloniki

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Turkish dervishes in Thessaloniki
Picture postcard of about 1900 with Turkish dervishes (monks) in Thessaloniki, 1800-1920, Thessaloniki, G. Megas archive.

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The inhabitants of Thessaloniki

Turkish dervishes in Thessaloniki
1800-1920, Thessaloniki, G. Megas archive

The population of Thessaloniki, the "motley crowd" that impressed Kameniatis, the mishmash of "a myriad nations" that Houmnos mentions, was always a mosaic of nationalities. In the early 19th century, a visiting English woman noted Turks, Jews and Greeks, as well as Albanians, Bulgarians, Vlachs, mountain people from the Pindos, islanders from the nearby archipelago, a few Europeans and a good many gypsies permanently installed in the city.

"Halvah sellers, haberdashers, junkmen, with Albanian breeches or long Jewish robes, mingle every day," writes Vafopoulos, "with slow-moving Turkish agas clutching worry beads, children running behind the carriages shouting 'vour arabatzi' (driver, whip your horse), Turkish women wrapped in their black yashmaks... natty cane-sporting young men with high starched collars and black bowler hats, bearded rabbis, Turkish gendarmes and, sometimes, funerals where uncovered coffins would be carried without a hearse. . ., hurdy-gurdies on their way to a wedding, open rubbish carts, milkmen, green grocers and even butchers with their laden donkeys...".

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