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Macedonian Tombs

Definition of the 'Macedonian Tombs'
Origins and Evolution in the form of 'Macedonian Tombs'
Decoration of 'Macedonian Tombs'
Burial customs and grave goods
Topograghy of 'Macedonian Tombs'

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Location of Macedonian tombs
Map of Greece showing the sites of Macedonian tombs.

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Topograghy of 'Macedonian Tombs'

Location of Macedonian tombs

A total of seventy 'Macedonian tombs' have so far been discovered. Sixty-two of these are in the region of Ancient Macedonia, six in southern Greece and two in Asia Minor.

Their geographic distribution justifies their designation as 'Macedonian', and confirms that they reflect social structures and funerary customs of the Macedonians. The greater part of these burials are found in 'Lower Macedonia' (according to ancient terminology), that is present-day Central Macedonia.

It is worth noting that the majority and most impressive of the 'Macedonian tombs' have been found in two principal locations: eleven at Vergina and seven at Lefkadia, while in the region of Pella only one 'Macedonian tomb' has so far been located, and that at 7 kilometres from the city.

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