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The houses of Florina

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Main street in Florina
Picture postcard with a view of a main street in Florina, with single-storey and two-storey buildings, early 20th cent., Thessaloniki, Euth. Georgiadou-Koundoura archive.

Houses on the
main street in Florina
Picture postcard (1935-1940) with a view of the main street in Florina with bourgeois houses of the 1930s, Thessaloniki, Euth. Georgiadou-Koundoura archive.

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Main street in Florina
Early 20th century photograph

Houses on the
main street in Florina

Picture postcard (1935-1940)

In Florina one finds houses (many of which are listed) that represent a variety of periods and architectural styles. The neighborhoods on the banks of the Sakoulevas are typical of the folk architecture of the late 19th-early 20th century.

The houses have one storey and massive double doorways that open into a courtyard from which an inner staircase leads to the upper floor. Often the center of the facade meets in a pediment, while the interior decoration usually consists of elaborately carved wooden ceilings and cupboards.

The town houses in the city center exhibit the eclectic elements (ranging from neo-Byzantine to art deco) popular in the 1930s. Other characteristic features are the moulding of external surfaces with added ornamental elements and beautifully carved wooden doors. Inside, the formal reception rooms are embellished with tapestries.

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