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The region of Grevena

Bridges in the region of Grevena

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The Spanos bridge
The five-arch bridge built over the river Venetikos by Mustafas Agas Spanos, 18th cent., Kipoureio.

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The Spanos bridge
Kipoureio, 18th century

The region of Grevena, both because of its terrain and its location, became a passage to Thessaly and Epirus. Its stone bridges are important examples of vernacular craftsmanship during the Turkish occupation.

Their names are linked with their setting, some distinctive feature, or even with the name of the master builder or patron. They are frequently associated with traditional folk legends and symbols. One old tale relates that Ali Pasha, when he rebuilt the Roman road that passed through the region, also repaired the bridges that were part of it.

One impressive example is the single-arched bridge of Aziz Aga. It is 246 feet long and 10 feet wide with a span of 92 feet, reaching 53 feet at its highest point. Other fine bridges in the region are the Spanos and Dotsiko bridges (both the work of the master builder Georgios Lazos or Grangas), and the bridge at the entrance to the gorge near the village of Spilaio.

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