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The mansions of Kozani

Kozani's surviving mansions
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Plan of a mansion at Kozani
Plan of the upper floor of the Grigorios Vourkas mansion at Kozani.

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Plan of a mansion at Kozani

The architectural style of Kozani's urban residences reached its full expression around the middle of the 18th century, a time when the town's merchants and owners of small factories were acquiring considerable financial power and their way of life became more urbanized, influenced by trends from central Europe.

On the ground floor around the spacious flagstone courtyard, were arranged the 'aniliako' (the sunny, winter sitting room), the cellar, the storeroom, as well as the 'kafe-ondas' and the 'mousafir-ondas' (where guests were welcomed).

The wooden staircase led to the 'hayiati' on the upper floor which closed with a trapdoor. On two sides of the raised 'doxatos' there were summer sitting rooms, a larder and the 'kalokairinos ondas' or summer formal area, which formed a single space with the 'doxatos' and the 'hayiati'. Usually the utility rooms (the lavatory, the well, and the storerooms), were found in the courtyard, but they could also have been located in the vaulted basement.

In times of danger the inhabitants used to escape from a passage located in the small courtyard to the rear of the house, which communicated with the courtyards of neighbors and linked up with the town's road network.

The sumptuously decorated mansions of Kozani were enclosed by stone walls punctuated with a few barred openings on the outer sides, while in the upper floor, the enclosed balconies and the covered porches usually looked onto the inner courtyard.

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