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Houses of Eratyra

The Lazaridis mansion
The Papatheodorou mansion
The Milios mansion
The Delivasis mansion

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The Delivasis house
View of the Delivasis house with the 'hayati ' (semi-open area) at the front entrance, 1878, Eratyra.

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The Delivasis house
Eratyra, 1878

The Delivasis mansion is located near that of Lazaridis. It has all the characteristics of the later type of house with the 'hayiati' (covered porch) at the front. Its wall-paintings date from 1878. The murals in the adjoining wing, which was used for guests, are of greater interest. They depict the portraits of the owner's four daughters within ornamental baroque frames.

These figures with their European dress and coiffures each hold a representative object: fan, letter, bouquet, caged canary. These scenes, although the work of a folk artist, are governed by the principles of European painting.

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