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Houses of Eratyra

The Lazaridis mansion
The Papatheodorou mansion
The Milios mansion
The Delivasis mansion

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Landscape with a bridge, in the Milios house
Wall-painting of a landscape with a bridge and a male figure, in a room on the upper floor, 1860-1900, Eratyra, Milios house.

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Landscape with a bridge, in the Milios house
Eratyra, 1860-1900

A typical example of the mansions of Eratyra is that of Milios on the north side of town. Its wall-paintings, which date from the mid-19th century, are concentrated in one room on the upper floor and extend like a frieze below the ceiling.

They portray animal and human figures as well as buildings in a landscape. The military costumes worn by the people and the apparent sequence of the paintings indicate that the scenes may tell a story, possibly one connected with the events of the period.

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