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Houses of Eratyra

The Lazaridis mansion
The Papatheodorou mansion
The Milios mansion
The Delivasis mansion

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Imaginary landscape, in the Papatheodorou house
Part of a wall-painting with an imaginary landscape from the 'liakoto' (sun room), 1875-1900, Eratyra, Papatheodorou house.

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Imaginary landscape, in the Papatheodorou house
Eratyra, 1875-1900

The Papatheodorou mansion is situated near the old town square. It is a large building with a rectangular layout. Its wall-paintings, dating to the last quarter of the 19th century, appear in one room on the ground floor (now varnished), but mainly in the rooms upstairs.

Two of the upper rooms are decorated with plant and other motifs as well as buildings enclosed within medallions, reminiscent of the ornamentation on some porcelain plates. In the main room, a frieze embellishing the entire length of the upper part of the wall depicts an imaginary landscape with curious large buildings intermingled with the figures of animals and humans.

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