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Houses of Eratyra

The Lazaridis mansion
The Papatheodorou mansion
The Milios mansion
The Delivasis mansion

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The Lazaridis house
The rear of the Lazaridis house, in which can be seen the unplastered masonry and the 'sachnisi' (projecting balcony) on the upper floor, 1796, Eratyra.

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The Lazaridis house
Eratyra, 1796

The Lazaridis mansion lies on the north side of town. It contains the oldest surviving wall-paintings in Eratyra, dating to 1796 as the inscription tells us. Using sparse color and line, the artist has rendered the two-headed eagle of Byzantium and the sliced watermelon (which at one time symbolized the beheading of Saint John the Baptist), a subject encountered in churches as well as houses in western Macedonia and Mount Pelio. From the 18th century, however, its symbolic significance was forgotten, as indicated by the presence of the fork sticking into the fruit.

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