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The mansions of Kastoria

The Tsiatsapas mansion
The Nantzis mansion
The Aivazis mansion

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The 'kalos ondas'
in the Aivazis mansion
The main 'mousandra' (cupboard) and the frieze with a wall-painting of Constantinople, in the 'kalos ondas' (sitting-room) on the upper floor, second half of 18th cent., Kastoria, Aivazis mansion.

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The 'kalos ondas'
in the Aivazis mansion

Kastoria, second half of 18th century

The mansion of Nerantzis Aivazis in the Doultso district has been converted into a folk art museum. Although it contains no inscriptions to date its construction, it must have been built during the second half of the 18th century. Its plan takes the form of a Greek pi but it lacks the usual projecting enclosed balconies.

It consists of a ground floor, mezzanine and upper floor. On the mezzanine, the so-called "fur workshop" has a painted ceiling and a concave cornice below it depicting buildings in a landscape. Plant motifs ornament the walls of the 'doxatos' on the second floor as well as the walls of the 'kalos ondas', on which Venice is portrayed "according to the artist's imagination".

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