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The mansions of Kastoria

The Tsiatsapas mansion
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The Aivazis mansion

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Wall-painting with a stylised depiction of Constantinople, in the 'mesimbrinos ondas' (sitting room) on the third floor, 1798, Kastoria, Tsiatsapas mansion.

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Kastoria, Tsiatsapas mansion, 1798

The Tsiatsapas mansion is situated in the Apozari district on the north shore of the lake. It was built at the start of the 18th century by a well-to-do man named Moralis. Tsiatsapas must have ordered repairs in 1754, as stated in the inscription on the west side and on the mural in the best room.

This is a grand mansion with a rectangular plan and three floors in addition to the ground floor. Although the rooms on the third floor have been lavishly decorated with wall-paintings and wood carvings, they have been irreparably damaged at certain points.

The painting of an imaginary city on the wall of the 'doxatos' (parlour) and the stylized depiction of Constantinople in the south-west room, dated by its inscription to 1798, are not only impressive but important to our understanding of the folk painting of the era.

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