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The mansions of Siatista

The Sanouko mansion
The Poulko mansion
The Nerantzopoulos mansion
The Kanatsoulis mansion
The Maliongas mansion
The Manousis mansion
The Keratzis mansion
The Lioutaris mansion

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Decorated ceiling of the Manousis mansion
Ceiling with rich wood-carved and painted decoration, from a room on the upper floor, 1762-1763, Siatista, Manousis mansion.

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Decorated ceiling of the Manousis mansion

The Manousis mansion in Hora has an inscription on its facade dating it to 1762-63. Its construction and sumptuous decoration reflect the wealth of the Manousis family, who had created one of the most powerful Siatistan trading businesses in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Wood carvings of exceptional quality decorate the mezzanine and upper storey. The painting decoration covers most of the walls and wood-paneled surfaces with an extraordinary diversity of subjects (cities, Greek mountains between flower pots, symbolic representation of a bird with a snake).

Of particular interest are the scenes of Mount Athos with Vatopedi Monastery, and Mount Siniatsiko with a house and tower, possible portrayals of specific buildings in Siatista.

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