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The mansions of Siatista

The Sanouko mansion
The Poulko mansion
The Nerantzopoulos mansion
The Kanatsoulis mansion
The Maliongas mansion
The Manousis mansion
The Keratzis mansion
The Lioutaris mansion

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Frankfurt, in the Maliongas mansion
Wall-painting with a representation of Frankfurt ,in a ground-floor room, 1844, Siatista, Maliongas mansion.

Austrian hussar, in the Maliongas mansion
Wall-painting with a depiction of a mounted Austrian hussar, from the 'iliakos' (main reception room), 1844, Siatista, Maliongas mansion.

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Frankfurt, in the Maliongas mansion

Austrian hussar, in the Maliongas mansion

The Maliongas (or Argyriadis) mansion stands next to the Nerantzopoulos mansion. Tradition has it that its construction began in 1759. An inscription in one of the rooms upstairs dates some repairs and part of the decorative painting to 1844.

The murals in the house depict the owner's occupations as well as his political ideas. There is a large painting of Frankfurt in a room on the ground floor, while one in the main room upstairs shows an Austrian hussar. Two other male figures on the ground floor have features resembling those of Rigas Ferraios and Lord Byron.

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