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The mansions of Siatista

The Sanouko mansion
The Poulko mansion
The Nerantzopoulos mansion
The Kanatsoulis mansion
The Maliongas mansion
The Manousis mansion
The Keratzis mansion
The Lioutaris mansion

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The 'iliakos' of the Nerantzopoulos mansion
The 'iliakos' (the main reception room) on the middle floor, with rich painted and wood-carved decoration, especially on the ceiling, which has a water-melon and a honey-dew melon carved in the round, Siatista, 1754-1755, Nerantzopoulos mansion.

Lunette in the Nerantzopoulos mansion
Lunette with stained-glass decoration (vitraux) and an inscription, from the third floor, 1755, Siatista, Nerantzopoulos mansion.

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The 'iliakos' of the Nerantzopoulos mansion

Lunette in the Nerantzopoulos mansion

The Nerantzopoulos (or Hatziyiannidis) mansion is situated on Hora's main square. According to the inscription on the facade, it was built in 1754 by Hatziyiannidis who was a merchant in Budapest (Nerantzopoulos acquired the house later).

Its decoration and plaster-framed transoms are impressive. From the wooden ceiling in the 'iliakos' (the main room) on the mezzanine hang sculptures of a melon and a sliced watermelon. In the transoms, apart from their lovely plaster frames, of interest are the incised designs, inscriptions and lines of verse. Artfully written on smoked glass, the verses are composed in an old fashioned language and praise the beauty and magnificence of the house.

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