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The mansions of Siatista

The Sanouko mansion
The Poulko mansion
The Nerantzopoulos mansion
The Kanatsoulis mansion
The Maliongas mansion
The Manousis mansion
The Keratzis mansion
The Lioutaris mansion

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Decoration of the 'kalos ondas' of the Sanouko mansion
The lunette and part of the interior decoration of the 'kalos ondas' (sitting-room), 1742, Siatista, Sanouko mansion.

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Decoration of the 'kalos ondas' of the Sanouko mansion
1742, Siatista

The Sanoukos mansion is situated in the Hora district; according to an inscription in one of the rooms, it was built in 1742. The resistance of its dynamic owner, Kyra-Sanouko, to a raid by Turkish Albanians in 1784 has been immortalized in a local folk song.

The rooms on the upper floor are decorated with plaster transom window frames and with painted carved wooden ceilings. The murals in the 'kalos ondas' (best room) depict plant and symbolic themes, while between the real transoms trompe l'oeil imitations have been painted.

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