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Thessaloniki after 1922

The refugees communities in Thessaloniki

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Nikis Avenue in Thessaloniki
View of Nikis Avenue (formerly Vasileos Konstantinos' Avenue) along the sea-front in Thessaloniki, 1912-1994, Thessaloniki.

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Nikis Avenue in Thessaloniki
(formerly Vasileos Konstantinos' Avenue)

The establishment of a horizontal, homogeneous and impersonal building style, the construction of the University campus where the old Jewish cemeteries had stood, and the expansion of the docks after the war defined the appearance of contemporary Thessaloniki.

At the same time, the neighborhoods created between the wars were beginning to be assimilated, from both the architectural and town-planning points of view, into the growing cement-bound city, where there are few parks, squares and broad avenues.

Yet, Thessaloniki is still a human, pleasant place to live, mainly because it looks onto the delightful Thermaic Gulf, its most outstanding feature.

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