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The fire of Thessaloniki on 1917

The Hebrard Plan (1917-1921)

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Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki
Aristotelous Square is the only building complex that preserves the architectural vision of E. Hebrard, 1921-1994, Thessaloniki.

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Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki

Drafted by an international committee headed by the architect-archaeologist Ernest Hebrard and composed of such architects as Aristotelis Zachos and Konstantinos Kitsikis, the plan swept aside the memories of the Orient in favor of a European layout with neo-Byzantine elements.

At the same time, it created a topography adapted to the social, economic and town-planning demands of an industrial city with wide avenues and regular city blocks. Its implementation was referred to round the world as "the greatest achievement of 20th century European urban planning," and it made for a lovely, Greek Thessaloniki which unprincipled post-war reconstruction would eliminate.

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