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Thessaloniki around 1900

Public buildings of Thessaloniki
Hamidye Boulevard
Greek institutions in Thessaloniki
The business district of Thessaloniki

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Plan of Thessaloniki
"Plan of Thessaloniki before the fire of 1917, published in the local newspaper "L' Independant", 1890-1917, Thessaloniki."

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The Sublime Porte's attempts at modernization, the ensuing economic prosperity, as well as the big fire of 1890 gave a new, "European" look to the city, where the religiously homogeneous neighborhoods began to be replaced by a topographical distribution based on income.

Plan of Thessaloniki

The new docks, which were now united with the railroad station to serve the burgeoning commercial needs, the quay and the impressive Hamidye Boulevard were built with materials taken from the old eastern and sea walls which were demolished in that period.

At the same time, broad streets were opened, such as the famous Cadde de Vede (today's Ayia Sophia Avenue), Tsimiski and Saabri Pasha (now Venizelou).

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