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Thessaloniki around 1900

Public buildings of Thessaloniki
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The business district of Thessaloniki

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Spinning mill owned by
the Jewish Saias brothers
Late 19th century picture postcard with the spinning mill owned by the Jewish Saias brothers, 1873-1917, Thessaloniki, G. Megas archive.

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The business and entertainment center of the city stretched along the new avenue named after Saabri Pasha (now Venizelou) and as far as Eleftheria Square.

Spinning mill owned by
the Jewish Saias brothers

G. Megas archive, 1873-1917

A series of new shops (Tiring, Stein) bore the mark of a flourishing, Europeanized Thessaloniki, which blossomed during this period. Large arcades (the Saul and Kyrtsis arcades) were built to house shipping offices and insurance companies, the offices of industrial conglomerates, branches of foreign companies and various workshops.

Of equal interest was the mushrooming of industrial buildings (in 1912 the city could boast 33 factories). The monumental character of the breweries, thread factories and textile mills followed the town's prevailing spirit.

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