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Thessaloniki around 1900

Public buildings of Thessaloniki
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The Thessaloniki customs-house
The customs building in the port of Thessaloniki, built by the architect Eli Modiano in 1910, Thessaloniki.

The Yeni Cami in Thessaloniki
The Yeni Cami mosque, which was designed by the architect V. Poselli, was also used as an archaeological museum, 1902, Thessaloniki.

The Government House in Thessaloniki
The Government House or 'konaki of vali', designed by V. Poselli, now houses the Ministry of Northern Greece, 1891-1994, Thessaloniki.

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The Yeni Cami in Thessaloniki

The Government House in Thessaloniki

The buildings of those days are somewhat grandiose, often combining neoclassical features and baroque ornamentation with an Ottoman touch.

Representative examples of the architecture of the period are the Customs House, which shows a strong French influence, the Ottoman Bank (now the State Conservatory) and the Army Barracks. Finally, the Government House with its austere dignity expresses the attitudes as well as the vigour of a threatened authority.

The interweaving of Byzantium, the Renaissance, Islam and Classicism, so characteristic of Thessaloniki, reaches its peak in the majestic yet charming Yeni Cami (mosque).

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