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Thessaloniki up to the 19th century

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The neighbourhoods of modern Thessaloniki
Map showing the neighbourhoods of Thessaloniki before 1917, drawn by Albert Narr, 1500-1917, Thessaloniki, Museum of the Jewish Community.

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After Thessaloniki's capture by the Ottomans and the subsequent decline in its Christian population, its image changed. The census of 1478 mentions 10 Muslim and 10 Greek neighbourhoods (including those of the Hippodrome, the Acheiropoietos and Ayios Demetrios), since by that time residents were distributed geographically according to religion.

The city's layout remained stable over the centuries, retaining such axes as the Byzantine Via Egnatia. The creation of the Jewish sector in the 15th century put the finishing touch on its appearance, which would remain unchanged until the end of the 19th century.

The neighbourhoods of modern Thessaloniki

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