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Thessaloniki market
Picture postcard of about 1900 with the Thessaloniki market, 1800-1917, Thessaloniki, Th. Tsinopoulos archive.

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Thessaloniki market
Th. Tsinopoulos archive, 1800-1917

The main market (Misir-tsarsi or Egyptian market) was concentrated outside the walls as far as the port; its more than 500 stalls and shops carried sugar, rice, coffee, linen and a host of other exotic products.

There too were to be found the tanneries ('tabakika') and the Halitzatzilar (the famous rug market); markets for other products -- such as the Chalkeon (the coppersmiths' district, which went back to Byzantine times) -- were found throughout the town. The market on the quay, known later as Istira, was dominated by the presence of Jewish merchants and a few Europeans.

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