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The church of Agios Achilleios in lake Small Prespa
View of the triple-aisled basilica church of Agios Achilleios, circa 1000, Agios Achilleios Island, Little Prespa.

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The church of Agios Achilleios in lake Small Prespa

The small lakeland vale of Prespes in Macedonia jealously conceals its Byzantine treasures that have survived the centuries into our own day. The massive ruins of the great triple-aisled basilica of Ayios Achilleios on the islet named after him in Lake Small Prespa stand tall in a magnificent landscape. The basilica was built in about 1000.

The small church of Ayios Germanos, an early 11th century building in the village of that name, still preserves the second layer of its wall-paintings, executed in 1743. The rich tile decoration of the exterior of the late 13th or early 14th century church of Ayios Nikolaos near the village of Pyli is an astounding spectacle.

The hermitage of Panayia (Virgin) Eleousa, set in the mouth of a huge cave on the banks of Lake Great Prespa, lies on the very frontier of the Greek state. It is decorated with wall-paintings of 1410, works of primitive beauty. There are other monuments besides these, with 15th and 16th century painting.

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