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Castle of Moglena
View of the Byzantine castle of Moglena, 11th century.

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Castle of Moglena

The walls of the historic city of Moglena rise above the plain of Almopia, 11 miles north-east of Edessa. At the end of the 10th century the city fell into the hands of Samuel, khagan of the Bulgarians; in 1015 it was liberated by the emperor Basil II Bulgaroktonos (the Bulgar-Slayer).

Some years later, in 1082, it was taken by the Normans, whose leader Bohemond strove to repair the walls. That same year the 'grand domestikos' (army commander) Grigorios Pakourianos evicted the Normans and destroyed the walls.

A section of a large three--aisled basilica, probably the metropolitan church of Moglena, has been excavated within the walled city. Pinelopi Delta revived the story of Moglena in her book "In the days of Bulgaroktonos", though she had never set eyes upon that now silent heap of ruins.

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