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Metropolitan church of Servia
View of the wall of the nave of the metropolitan church, on which traces of 11th century wall-paintings have survived, Servia.

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Metropolitan church of Servia

The eventual excavation of Servia will reveal the Mystra of Macedonia, for the ruins of walls, churches, and houses can be made out among trees at the top of a naturally fortified hill which overlooks the valley of the Haliakmon River.

The walls encircling the 11th century acropolis descend the hillside in tiers, encompassing churches like those of Ayioi Theodoroi and Ioannis Prodromos (Saint John the Baptist) and the now ruined Metropolis, all of which date to the 11th century.

The Metropolis, a large three-aisled basilica with narthex, was dedicated to Saint Demetrios; two layers of wall-paintings still survive and bear witness to a brilliant historic past, though they are exposed to destruction by rain and human hands, as reconstruction of the monument would be an extremely difficult undertaking.

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