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The church of the Panayia Koumbelidiki
The church of the Taxiarchis of the Metropolis

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Church of the Panagia Koumbelidiki in Kastoria
Exterior view of the church of the Panagia Koumbelidiki, 900-1620, Kastoria.

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Church of the Panagia Koumbelidiki in Kastoria

The Panayia (Virgin) Koumbelidiki or Skoutariotissa, a small triconch church dated to the 10th century, has become the emblem of Kastoria. The small dimensions of the church and its high dome with a variety of masonry work make it an architectural gem of the city.

The 13th century wall-paintings are in poor condition. Their attraction now lies largely in the Dormition of the Virgin at the west end of the main body of the church, and in the rare representation of the Holy Trinity in the narthex.

Taken as a whole, the painting is conventional and lacks an inner quality, yet it contains certain innovative features that foretell the creative outburst of the Palaeologan age. Some of the painting in the narthex dates to the 17th century, while the murals on the west front of the church were executed in 1496.

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