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The basilica of Ayios Stephanos
The church of Ayioi Anargyroi
The church of Ayios Nikolaos Kasnitzis
The monastery of the Panayia Mavriotissa
The church of the Panayia Koumbelidiki
The church of the Taxiarchis of the Metropolis

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Nikephoros Kasnitzis
Wall-painting portraying Nikephoros Kasnitzis, donor of the church of Agios Nikolaos Kasnitzis, 1170-1180, Kastoria.

The Dormition of the Virgin
Wall-painting illustrating the Dormition of the Virgin, 1170-1180, Kastoria, church of Agios Nikolaos Kasnitzis.

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Nikephoros Kasnitzis

Ayios Nikolaos Kasnitzis is a small single-aisled church with 12th century wall-paintings. These paintings provide a perfect example of how a church of this shape is to be decorated.

The upper register of the painted surface is covered with scenes from the Gospels and the lower with a row of full-length figures of saints. In the narthex there are scenes from the life of Saint Nicholas, whom the church honours, and representations of the donors, Nikephoros Kasnitzis and his wife Anna.

The Dormition of the Virgin

As for the artistic intent, all the figures display a similarity of style, being the work of a painter bent on portraying tall, supple bodies and noble faces, and using subdued colours devoid of abrupt transitions of tone. The prevalent harmony and the rejection of all inessentials create a sense of that unique inner solemnity which reflects the religious ideals current in the Komnenian age.

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