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Byzantine Thessalonike

The Rotunda
The church of the Acheiropoietos
The basilica of Ayios Demetrios
The chapel of Ayios Euthymios
The monastery of Hosios David
The metropolitan church of Ayia Sophia
The church of the Panayia Chalkeon
The church of the Ayioi Apostoloi
The church of Ayios Nikolaos Orphanos
The church of Prophitis Elias
Vlatadon Monastery
The White Tower
The walls of Thessalonike

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The Betrayal
Section of the wall-painting of the Betrayal depicting Judas kissing Christ, 1310-1320, Thessalonike, church of Agios Nikolaos Orphanos.

The Woman of Samaria
Detail of wall-painting of the woman of Samaria with Christ, 1310-1320, Thessalonike, church of Agios Nikolaos Orphanos.

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The Betrayal

The Woman of Samaria

This church, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, cannot be identified with certainty with any one of the monuments of Thessalonike mentioned in the sources. The saint's attribute "of the Orphans" may be a reference to the protection he extended to widows and orphans.

It is the decoration that stands out in this humble, single-aisled, timber-roofed church with its covered colonnade. Dating to the decade 1310-20, the wall-paintings comprise many iconographic cycles and include many individual scenes, as if they were portable icons.

Executed in the spirit peculiar to advanced Palaeologan art, they are a typical example of the painting of that decade (1310-20), which affected artistic expression in the hinterland of Macedonia and in the Serbian state.

An important aspect is the capacity for expression possessed by this honest and emotionally straightforward art that knows how to transmit the mysteries of a complex theological concept to the wall surface through the medium of pigments.

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