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Aigai (Vergina)
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The Argead Macedonians unified the Macedonian land with its fertile plains and its mountain ranges into a single realm which steadily increased its territory. Clearly, not all their con-quests were integrated into Macedonia proper, that is to say the country consisting of Macedonian communities, cities, and other smaller settlements.

Besides the three successive capitals of Aigai, Pella and Thessalonike, other important cities, such as Aiane, Olynthos, Amphipolis and the city-sanctuary of Dion, flourished under the constantly expanding Macedonian hegemony.

At its zenith, Macedonia proper included the region from the Pindos mountains in the west to the Strymon valley in the east. From the Peneios River and the Aegean Sea in the south, it extended to approximately the present-day borders of Greece in the north. Under the Romans, the province of Macedonia stretched from the Adriatic Sea in the west to the river Nestos in the east, and from the northern city of Bylazora to the Spercheios River in the south.

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