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The Palatitsia tombs

The Heuzey Tomb
The tombs of the Bella Tumulus

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Door leaves of the Heuzey Tomb
The marble leaves of the outer door of the Heuzey Tomb, late 4th century BC, Paris, Musee du Louvre.

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Door leaves of the Heuzey Tomb

The Heuzey Tomb , which dates to the end of the 4th century BC, is one of the earliest examples of the 'Macedonian tomb'. An Ionic architrave, supported by two decorative capitals, adorned the uniform surface of the facade.

The doorposts and lintel of the entrance were of marble, as were both leaves of the outer door (today in the Louvre Museum).

The inner walls of the double-chambered barrel-vaulted tomb were plastered with stucco in various colours. In the burial chamber there were two limestone couches with painted decoration.

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