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The tombs north of the palace at Aigai

The Romaios Tomb
The Tomb of Eurydike

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'The Rhomaios Tomb'
Drawing of the 'Rhomaios Tomb' with the Ionic frieze and the half-columns, first half of 3rd century BC, Vergina.

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'The Rhomaios Tomb'
First half of 3rd century BC

The double-chambered Rhomaios Tomb, built of limestone, was named after Professor K. Rhomaios who excavated it. Its facade consists of a double-leaved marble door and four Ionic half-columns supporting a two-tiered entablature with a decorative frieze and a simple triangular pediment.

In contrast to the ornamented antechamber, the burial chamber was simply decorated, but contained -- in addition to the limestone couch on which the body was laid -- a richly and artistically crafted marble throne, and an exceptional footstool, with sphinxes carved in the round and painted decoration.

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