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The Great Tumulus at Aigai

The Tomb of Philip
The Tomb of the Prince
The Tomb of Persophone
The Tomb with Tetrastyle Prostyle Facade
The 'heroon' at Aigai

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The 'heroon' and the Tomb of Philip
Model of the foundations of the temple-shaped 'heroon' south-east of the Tomb of Philip's last quarter of 4th century BC.

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The 'heroon' and the Tomb of Philip

South-east of the Tomb of Philip and next to the Tomb of Persephone, were found the foundations and part of the marble superstructure of a small, possibly temple-plan building dedicated to the worship of illustrious members of the royal family.

The 'heroon' was built shortly after Philip's tomb, outside the original tumulus, and may have contained the cult statue of Philip. It appears that the 'heroon' was destroyed in 274/3 BC, when it and the Tomb of Persephone were plundered by the Gaulish mercenaries of Pyrrhos.

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