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The Great Tumulus at Aigai

The Tomb of Philip
The Tomb of the Prince
The Tomb of Persophone
The Tomb with Tetrastyle Prostyle Facade
The 'heroon' at Aigai

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The 'Tomb of the Prince'
The facade of the 'Tomb of the Prince' with the now lost frieze and the decorative shields, 310-300 BC, Vergina.

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The 'Tomb of the Prince'
310-300 BC

North-west of the Tomb of Philip is the Tomb of the Prince, of a later date and plainer. On the stuccoed Doric facade, beneath the painted frieze which no longer exists, there are two relief shields, which once bore painted decoration.

The antechamber is decorated with a frieze of chariots, while the burial chamber contains a wealth of gold and silver items (chiefly banqueting vessels), as well as several ivory objects, all of which attest a royal burial.

At the same time, the identification of the cremated bones as being those of a youth aged 13 to 14 years points to the son of Alexander the Great and Roxane, Alexander IV, of whose premature demise Cassander had been accused.

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