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The city of Aigai

The temple of Eukleia
The sanctuary of the Mother of the Gods

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The sanctuary
of Eukleia at Aigai
The bases of the votive statues from the small temple of Eukleia at Aigai, mid-4th century BC, Vergina.

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The sanctuary
of Eukleia at Aigai

About 80 metres north of the theatre the foundations were uncovered of the 'prodomos' (entrance) and 'sekos' (shrine) of the small temple of Eukleia, dated to the Classical period. Two bases for statues, and sockets for the legs of a "sacred table" for offerings were found in the shrine. Around the temple there are more bases for votive statues, two of which bear the name of Eurydike (wife of Amyntas III and mother of Philip II), a statue of whom has also been uncovered.

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