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Aigai (Vergina)

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The city of Aigai
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The theatre of Aigai
The theatre at Aigai, second half of 4th century BC, Vergina.

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The theatre of Aigai

The theatre lies barely 60 metres north of the architectural complex of the palaces, of which it is considered a part. Only the first row of seats, the drain, the walls of the side passages, and the foundations of the 'skene' and the 'thymele' were stone-built, whereas on the regular slope the 'cavea' had wooden seating and eight aisles laid with stones to help the spectators climb up the seats.

The theatre dates to the second half of the 4th century BC, and continued in use until the second quarter of the 2nd century BC. Here in 336 BC Philip II was assassinated, at the wedding of his daughter Cleopatra to the king of Epirus Alexander.

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