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The Palace at Aigai

The 'tholos' of the palace
The 'oikos' of the palace
The 'andron' of the palace
The veranda of the palace
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Plan of the palace at Aigai

The most imposing palace to have been located in Macedonia was the residence of the Macedonian kings when they returned to their old capital for official ceremonies. The layout reproduces on a grand scale the plan of the ancient Greek 'oikia' (house) with an inner peristyle (columned courtyard) surrounded by rooms.

The east wing included a monumental entrance, the 'Tholos' (probably a place of worship), and other rooms of unknown purpose. The south wing held the residential rooms proper as well as banqueting halls decorated with mosaic floors. The west wing also contained banqueting halls.

On the lower north slope there extended a long and narrow veranda in front of the chambers. The building is dated to the second half of the 4th century BC.

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